Sullivans Island
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Sullivan’s Island is an island town in Charleston County located on a barrier island in Charleston Harbor. This beach community is primarily residential and has remained pristine and peaceful thanks to limits on development and tourism. Residents of Sullivan’s Island get the benefits of living in a progressive town within miles of downtown Charleston, yet still retain the relaxing, friendly lowcountry lifestyle the town affords.

Home buyers looking to live in Sullivan’s Island will be delighted to find that there are plenty of options, whether it’s a classic beachfront cottage or a grand seaside estate. The real estate in Sullivan’s Island is diverse enough to attract home buyers with different interests, goals and budgets.


Sullivan’s Island, with a population of approximately 2,000 residents, has long been valued for its strategic location in the harbor, first as a place for lighthouses, shipping and later as a military stronghold. Today’s residents of Sullivan’s Island take pride in the community’s rich history and build upon that foundation to create a prospering town. While there are few commercial properties and services, residents who live here treasure the distance from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

When it comes to things for residents to see and do in Sullivan’s Island, the beaches are far and away the most popular. Residents don’t have to compete as much with tourists, because the island has no commercial overnight lodging and only a handful of beach house rentals. This way, residents can enjoy swimming, surfing, fishing, beach combing and more without the competition of some of the nearby tourist draws. The beaches are also nesting grounds for loggerhead turtles, and the town is very protective of their marine neighbors. However, tourists still flock to Sullivan’s Island for day trips and there are plenty of beach access routes along the island.

Fort Moultrie is the other major attraction on the island, and its earliest incarnation was built to protect Charleston during the Revolutionary War. Decommissioned in 1947, Fort Moultrie is now open for tours and is managed as part of the Fort Sumter National Monument. There are events, ceremonies and commemorations scheduled throughout the year at Fort Moultrie for residents to attend as well.

The proximity to nearby cities means that residents of Sullivan’s Island are not isolated unless they want to be. Connected to the city of Mount Pleasant by the Ben Sawyer Bridge, and to Isle of Palms by another bridge that spans Breach Inlet, Sullivan’s Island is delightfully remote in atmosphere but close to all the modern amenities when needed.

With just about 800 households on Sullivan’s Island, real estate here is at a premium. This coastal sea town has many historic homes and properties for sale, with many standing strong against the elements for decades. Whether a home buyer wants to find a place with a wrap-around porch and a water view, or a cozy home surrounded by trees, there’s something for everyone in Sullivan’s Island. There are even new construction options on the island, built with stunning views and sturdy materials. Home buyers who are seeking an affluent community with high property values should look to Sullivan’s Island, which is regularly some of the most expensive real estate in the region.

For any home buyers seeking to surround themselves in the tranquil sights and sounds of a barrier island, they need look no further than real estate in Sullivan’s Island. With ocean breezes, shorebirds and magnificent views of vessels entering and leaving Charleston Harbor, homes in Sullivan’s Island will continue to be highly desirable for years to come.